Урок: Video Lesson: Communication - Newspapers

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Case 1: Teenager Bob Costa sued after his neighbour ran over his foot with a Dodge Challenger outside his Phoenix home.

The verdict: Even Costa couldn’t believe he received a $15,000 payout plus medical expenses, considering that prior to the accident Costa had taken his neighbour’s car for a joy-ride.

Case 2: Rita Hogart, of  Sacramento, tripped over a toddler in a department store.

The verdict: She won a stunning $300,000 compensation payout even though the toddler who floored her was Hogart’s own son! 

Case 3: A friendly neighbour invited Chris Pepper over for sausages and steak. After drinking heavily the whole afternoon, Chris climbed on the back fence and attempted to walk along its length. Unfortunately, he fell off into a ditch on the other side and injured himself.

The verdict: Pepper took his neighbour to court because he claimed the fence had a flat top, rather than a pointed one, so he could walk on it. Amazingly, Pepper won the case and received $5,000 compensation.  

Case 4: Sweet-toothed Mark Foster, of San Diego, is currently suing both the manufacturers of M&Ms and his local store for “mislabeled and defective merchandise” after he found a plain sweet in a packet of peanut-flavoured sweets. He claims he thought it was a peanut, bit down on it too hard, and broke a tooth. He says he had to see a dentist.

The verdict: still in court. But if Foster wins, he will be awarded $100,000.

Case 5: When convicted burglar Jake Hudson decided to escape from prison by scaling a 30m prison wall, he fell off and broke his arm. He promptly sued the prison authorities, claiming they had failed to inform him that climbing the wall could be dangerous.

The verdict: Hudson received $20,000.

Case 6: Miami clubber Tara Davidson decided to climb in through a nightclub’s toilet window to avoid paying the $6 entry fee. She slipped, knocked out her two front teeth and sued.

The verdict: She was awarded $8,000 and free dental expenses to repair her mangled gnashers.

Write the number of the case or cases to answer the questions.

In which case(s) ?

Did the claimant sue a neighbour? Case: Case:



Was there an injury caused by a fall? Case: Case: Case:



Was there an accident caused by a very young child? Case:



Did claimants suffer injuries to their mouths? Case: Case:



Did the claimant receive the most compensation? Case:



Was the claimant trying to avoid paying? Case:

Match the words to make collocations.



  • to run
  • medical
  • to win
  • convicted
  • prison
  • to avoid
  • entry
  • authorities
  • over
  • a case
  • expenses
  • burglar
  • paying
  • fee

Match the words with their definitions.



  • prior to
  • a toddler
  • to floor
  • mangled gnashers
  • to joy-ride
  • sweet-toothed
  • to scale
  • promptly
  • a burglar
  • steal a car and drive it for fun
  • before
  • to climb
  • a very young child who is learning to wa...
  • very quickly
  • enjoying sweet things
  • somebody who steals from houses
  • damaged teeth
  • knock down onto the floor

Complete the sentences in reported speech. Don’t use “that”.


John said, "I love this town."

John said .


"I can't drive a car," she said.

She said .


 "I always wake up early," he said.

He said .


“I was born in Italy,” he said.

He said .


“I haven’t done it,” he admitted.

He admitted .

Match the two halves of the sentences to make indirect questions.


She asked:

  • 1. what he
  • 2. where they
  • 3. what time
  • 4. how old
  • 5. how much they
  • 6. how many times
  • 7. why they
  • said ?
  • had left ?
  • were going ?
  • she had read the book ?
  • they were ?
  • it was ?
  • had paid ?