Урок: Video Lesson: Communication - Face to Face vs. Computer Communication

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We have chosen two participants who are sharing their point of view about the advantages and disadvantages of face to face and computer communication.

Clara Stevenson, Manager

Hi everyone,

This is Clara Stevenson. I work as a manager in a big telecommunication company. I have joined this discussion to share my opinion about using computers as a method of communication. Let me remind you of the world we live in – we are constantly on the move, our life is hectic and quick-paced. If we want to be successful in what we do, we are expected to use the computer every day and I firmly believe that the advantages are far more than the disadvantages. We are already using all sorts of different software and platforms to communicate, Skype and Facebook would be the best example for this, and I assume that everybody has realised how helpful they are. They save time and money, which, in my opinion, is the biggest benefit. I am absolutely convinced that computers are the future and we can’t avoid using them at work or at home.

Anthony Mortega, Musician

Hi Clara, 

This is Anthony.

I can’t disagree with you that computer communication saves time and money. I also agree that this is the future and we can’t resist change. More and more people can afford to buy a computer. However, I am worried about the fact that people seem to be losing their ability to speak face to face. This is a potential problem. People have even started dating online. I refuse to accept that. I don’t mind chatting with someone on the Internet and I really enjoy facebooking but online dating is weird. The Net is a great source of information but what will happen with the old-fashioned dinner out? The obvious downside of this way of communication is that people get alienated and lose social skills. I see that when they come to our gigs – there more and more people who come to the places where we play alone, which is kind of sad, don’t you think? If you do that, you risk staying single forever.


Complete the gaps using the vocabulary from the text above.  


Clara has joined the discussions to share her about computer communication.



She says that we are constantly on the and our lives are and quick-paced.



She believes that the are far more than the .



The biggest of computer communication is that it saves and ?



Anthony says that we can’t change.



He thinks that people are losing their ability to speak to .



He believes that an obvious of computers is the fact that people get .

Select the right answer.



The disadvantage or the negative aspect of something -



To have the same opinion as someone else -



Something that makes one person or thing more likely to succeed -



Moving fast, going fast -



A person, place or thing that provides something that you need -



Something that makes something else less effective, less attractive -



To have a different opinion from the others -

Open the brackets using the to+infinitive or the ing-form.



I can’t afford on holiday.



He agreed a new car.



He refused the question.



He seems you.



I don’t be like you.



I don’t mind like you. You are a great person.



Firemen risk their life every day.



You can’t avoid your boss. It is a small office.



George really enjoys in the afternoon.

Choose the right answer. Use the rules about make/let + bare infinitive.



Don’t let him in. He’s crazy !



Our teachers make us school uniforms.



Susan makes everyone to her.



My parents let me whatever I want.



Did your parents you stay out late when you were at school ?